We all have that moment, every morning, where we stand in front of our closet and seem to be at a loss even with a closet full of clothes!

We do not want to be seen wearing the same outfits often, but neither can we work under a budget and possibly have one outfit for each day of the year.

Well, you’re not alone in this. Even the founders of Estilorobe felt the same way and that is when they decided to devise a solution to this commonplace problem.

We talked to women around, and found out that many were plagued with the age-old question of what to wear today?,

Remembers Ms. Pahul (co-founder), “It used to take me hours for getting ready for an occasion, when one day my husband jokingly said that I should actually digitize my closet to track all my wardrobe items.

The idea caught my attention and it struck me.

That why shouldn’t we make an app to put an end to this problem forever? Our phone today handles almost everything, so why not this”.

On further discussing this idea with Ms. Pooja (co- founder) , who also thinks that “Since we have been wearing similar things over and over for too long, out of convenience and lack of time,we are no longer excited about the idea of dressing up even if we’ve just been on a shopping spree”.

Both the partners felt the need to create an app that would help today’s women to re-vamp and re-invent their style of dressing, help you as a personal virtual stylist by suggesting items that match your personality, organize your dream wardrobe and dress appropriately for any occasion, because no matter where you go your clothes define who you are! And this is when Estilorobe was born.